2021 International Conference on Management Science and Big Data Application(ICMSBDA 2021)
Prof. Changbao Li

Prof. Changbao Li

Prof. Changbao Li is Ph.D. in translation, co-director of Ph.D. students and dean of the School of Foreign Languages, he is also a member of the Translation Theory and Translation Teaching Committee of the Translators Association of China, an reviewer of The National Social Science Fund of China and the Humanities and Social Sciences Research Project of the Ministry of Education, an executive director of the National Professional Committee for Development Research of Foreign Language Disciplines, a vice chairman of the National Society for Foreign Language Teaching Study in Financial and Economics Colleges, a director of the National Professional Committee for Corpus-based Translation Studies, a vice chairman of the Zhejiang Translators Association, a vice chairman of Zhejiang Association of Foreign Languages& Literatures, and an expert of the Zhejiang 13th Five-Year Subject Group for Philosophy and Social Sciences Planning.


Prof. Li's academic interests include translation (corpus translation, literary translation, and translation history). He has published 5 monographs such as “A Corpus-based Study of Literacy Self-translation”, 5 translations such as “The Nobel Prize in Economics: Collected Presentation Speeches and Lectures” and 15 edited books such as "English Vocabulary: Exploring the Mysteries and Victories". He mainly edited the provincial key textbooks “Translation Theory: A Coursebook (English Version)” for colleges and universities, and was invited to participate in the editing of the large translation reference book “Translators Through Chinese History” (Multi-volume Version). He has published more than 160 papers in Chinese Translators Journal, Journal of Foreign Languages, Journal of Foreign Literature, Foreign Language Education, Translation Quarterly, Shanghai Journal of Translators, Chinese Science & Technology Translators Journal and other journals at home and abroad. He has presided over 3 National Social Science Fund of China and more than 10 humanities and social sciences research projects and provincial social science planning projects of the Ministry of Education constantly and 1 provincial high-quality course. 

Prof. Li was awarded the Zhejiang Province Outstanding Achievement Award in Philosophy and Social Science, Hangzhou City Outstanding Achievement Award in Philosophy and Social Science, Zhejiang Province Education Achievement Award, and Zhejiang Province Outstanding Young Teacher in Colleges and Universities; he was the interpreter of the opening ceremony of the International Wushu Competition broadcasted live on CCTV 2 and CCTV 5 and the chief interpreter of the competition site. Supervised postgraduate students for 8 consecutive terms and won the national scholarship. The postgraduate students he supervised won the national scholarship for 8 consecutive terms.